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TWICE BORN: Stories From The Special Delivery Unit
March 27, 2015

Step inside the groundbreaking medical frontier that is fetal surgery with Twice Born, a gripping PBS mini-series that takes an intimate, inside look at the Special Delivery Unit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where rare surgeries are done on babies still inside their mothers’ wombs. With exclusive access to the elite unit, (where the production crew was embedded for 15 months), you’ll live with the expecting parents who all face a gut-wrenching decision: should they take a leap of faith to repair birth defects with pre-natal surgery, even if it means they might lose their child? You’ll experience rarely seen, real-time footage of operations on the fetus. And, you’ll gain window into the inner lives of an unusual team of doctors who have defied skeptics and chosen to pursue this high-risk / high-reward career path. Twice Born serves up both arresting human drama and astonishing medical science.

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