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Summer Internship Program: Tito’s Perspective
March 26, 2018

The deadline for Trailblazer Studios’ internship program is approaching. Interns gain hands-on experience while rotating through all four departments: development, production, post-production and audio. Tito Barbosa participated in the program last summer and said his time at Trailblazer was ‘amazing’.

Trailblazer: What was your favorite part about interning at Trailblazer Studios?

Tito: My favorite part about the Trailblazer internship was being able to go through their different stages of a production and getting familiar with the studio’s workflow. Being able to go from Production where I worked closely with Kristin in the post producing process, to Sound where I spent time with my fellow Boricua Willie who showed me what it was like to work in a professional sound studio, to Post where Natasha gave me insight of the hustle-and-bustle of post production, and then to Development where I got to experience what it takes to get all the different types of shows on their feet.

Trailblazer: What was your biggest takeaway from the internship?

Tito: One of the most important things that I learned at Trailblazer was the importance of post production to every part of the filmmaking process. Filmmaking can be difficult with all the deadlines you have to meet and people you have to please, but making sure that you take the time to plan out a post production workflow even before any shooting has started can make that process easier and the quality of the project to even greater. I have been able to improve my own cinematography as well as my skills making motion graphics by learning from people like Garye and Nitesh.

Trailblazer: Why should students apply for the internship?

Tito: For students who are considering applying to the Trailblazer Internship – do not miss out on an opportunity to work alongside the amazing people at Trailblazer. The application process is not difficult and all the knowledge and connections that you will receive here are indispensable. I felt like my time there was respected and I did not once feel like a ‘typical’ intern. I am extremely thankful for my time interning at Trailblazer Studios and it is a part of my career that I will never forget.

Tito is finishing up his last semester at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and has been able to apply his internship experience on professional film sets around the country and personal projects that have premiered at the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington.

Application information is available here.