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9 Tips for Graduating Students
April 23, 2018

Graduation season is here! As you are pushing through the last leg of finals, preparing for your big day and anticipating life after graduation, take a look at tips below to help you navigate the world of development, production, post and audio.

Curated by the Trailblazer Studios staff.

1. Keep hold of your connections

Many of the opportunities that I encountered came about through previous connections with people. Keep in touch with prior internships. If you can make it to networking events, do it! Hand out business cards, ask people for theirs and send follow-up emails. You may find that they’re not hiring until five years after you met them, but you already have a leg up because you established an initial connection with them. – Becca, Sound Coordinator

2. Keep an open mind

My background is in recording, but I ultimately work in coordination. There are so many different jobs out there other than audio engineering, but they relate in some way. Internships are a great way to try on different hats and see which one fits! – Becca, Sound Coordinator

3. Be a sponge 

Companies aren’t looking for you to show them how much you know, but how much you’re willing to learn. – David H., Sound Engineer

4. Familiarize yourself with all the software options in your desired field

Knowing all of the available platforms increases your chances of landing internships or jobs that have already committed to one particular program. If you want to edit, make sure you know Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Black Magic Resolve. Same principle applies for those interested in Audio, Motion Graphics, Animation, etc. – Alan, C.S.I., Editor/Colorist

5. Be a good hang

While being technically skilled or having a degree in this field is important, most people want to hire and work with people they can see themselves having a beer with. Be aware of professional boundaries, of course, but if you bring positive energy and are fun to be around, that can go a long way. – David O., Production Manager

6. Focus on you

It’s ok if you don’t have plans after graduation! At times it will seem like your social media timelines are filled with everyone and their cousin getting a job offer, but don’t buy into the hype. Remember, people only post about the good qualities of their life; you have no idea what’s actually happening on the other side of the screen. Applying for jobs is a full-time job. If your situation allows it, get a part-time job and apply for jobs when you’re not working, because potential employers like you see that you’re employable. – Taliyah, Client Relations Coordinator

7. Get out there & never stop learning

Don’t be afraid to network! Go to festivals; they are a great way to see new content and trends in in your industry. Be a lifelong student – there’s always going to be something new that you haven’t thought of yet. Read up and keep yourself updated, it will make you a better candidate for future employment. – Aurelia, Music + Sound Supervisor

8. Be versatile

A lot of companies you’re going to find are smaller and they need people who can do a lot of things. That being said, do a few things and do them well.  – Aurelia, Music + Sound Supervisor

9. Keep your resume updated

You never know when your dream job might have a posting, or if you’ll want to leave the one you have on a whim. This will keep you from wasting time reformatting or putting off applying. – Emily Jo, Associate Producer