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A Trip to Infinity premiers today on Netflix
September 26, 2022

We’re excited that today marks the premiere of the film A Trip to Infinity on Netlfix! With the help of some of the world’s leading cosmologists, physicists, and mathematicians, the film takes a deep dive into the concept of infinity with a very accessible and entertaining approach. In addition to compelling interviews with subject matter experts, the film uses animation and sound to a great extent to help the viewer wrap their minds around some very abstract concepts.

Director and Executive Producer Jonathan Halperin and his team at Room 608 Productions have collaborated on a number of exciting projects with Trailblazer Studios including The Headspace Guide to Meditation, The Headspace Guide to Sleep, and the Unwind Your Mind interactive experience which also are Netflix projects. 

Here is what Jonathan had to say about this experience….

I work in New York. My production partners are in Los Angeles. But for 10 years I have gone to North Carolina to work with Trailblazer and audio genius, Willie Elias. He has designed the sound and mixed all my work and for this project, he created an audio landscape that is of the highest craft — in Dolby Atmos.  He is an extraordinary collaborator with the most creative ear.  

A Trip to Infinity took the collaboration to a new level given the absolutely unlimited sound design possibilities and requiring a mix that needed to translate well for viewers watching and listening in environments ranging from top-of-the-line home theaters with Dolby Atmos to cheap headphones plugged into a mobile phone on a noisy subway. Willie served as supervising sound editor, sound designer, and re-recording mixer working in collaboration with a talented team of sound designers and sound editors. He felt this project provided one of the biggest challenges of his career thus far given the scope of the project and the fact that most of the collaboration with the directors and producers was done remotely. Also the technical requirements from Netflix are quite demanding but as always, Netflix’s Lead of Audio Workflows Ozzie Sutherland and his team were there to provide invaluable guidance that led to a smooth delivery.

Take a look/listen to A Trip to Infinity for yourself streaming now on Netflix.