Chris Hall C.S.I.Colorist

Film and Television is a crazy business, so it’s a good thing that Chris is a big fan of crazy. In fact, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Working with crazy people, in a crazy medium, telling crazy stories is the highlight of his day. Chris is thrilled by the fact that he can help bring a filmmaker or storyteller’s vision to life on screen, while making it look its absolute best.

Come to think of it, Chris wants everything to look so good that you might want to hide your TV. He will recalibrate it whether you like it or not. He’ll do you the favor of adding a clean, neutral viewing environment since he considers it the key to a long, healthy, “eye strain-free” life of media consumption. Take that to heart.

A bonafide history nut, Chris dares you to get him started on the subject of the Tudors, the Napoleonic Era, the War of 1812 or anything else that occurred more than 20 years ago. With this mindset, he’d be the perfect fit for his dream director Steven Spielberg’s next epic historical film. Can anyone say “Saving Private Ryan Again” or “Schindler’s Second List?”

Professional Summary:

Before bringing his color grading and online editorial skills to the Trailblazer team in 2015, Chris worked in Hollywood as a finishing colorist for eight years. During his time at Culver City based Bandito Brothers and Prehistoric Digital in Santa Monica, he worked on award-winning feature films including the 2012 Navy Seal action film “Act of Valor” and the documentary “Rich Hill,” which was a 2014 Sundance Grand Jury prize winner and one of his personal favorites. 

 As a freelancer, Chris colored a plethora of commercials, television and music videos. His client list has included major national brands such as Jaguar, Lexus, Jeep, Polaris, Mercedes, BMW, Naturemade, and Mattel, as well as celebrity personalities such as Courtney Cox, Jillian Michaels, Keith Urban, Frankie Ballard, and Brooks and Dunn.

 Chris earned his Master of Fine Arts in Cinema and Television Production at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and completed his BA degree in Communications and Theater at North Park University in Chicago.

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