David HillSound Mixer / Composer

David has two homes or should we say dual citizenship? Born in Her Majesty’s England, David moved to the United States when he was 10, so he delightfully has both accents. You will never notice it because he is very in tune with his sound – speaking “American” when speaking to Americans, and English when either by himself or with family. The only person (or more like computer) that notices his dialect is Siri. She’s so stubborn, he had to switch Siri on his phone to the British butler version just so it will understand him.

True to his love of sound design and music, David is an awesome guitarist, and guitar was actually one of his courses of study in college.

Professional Summary:

David is a Mountaineer who received his degree in Music & Recording from Appalachian State University. While attending the university, he had an opportunity to hone his craft by recording concerts and installing commercial sound systems in theaters and stadiums.

Bringing his sound design skills to Trailblazer Studios in 2014, David enjoys the variety of work he does each day. He mixes and records for short- and long-form TV shows, documentaries, films, commercials and voiceovers.

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