Garye CostnerDirector/DP

If you catch a breath of fresh air or maybe a whiff of cheese biscuits, you can bet Garye is in the building. He’s either being his delightful, cheerful self warming the room or delivering the crew one of his most famous culinary creations.

After nearly 40 years in the business, Garye still brings enthusiasm to each and every project. His job is very technical yet creative all at the same time, so there’s always something new to learn from each production. It’s also refreshing for him to work with people who know and love this craft.

When it comes to shooting, lighting is the most fascinating component for Garye. He believes it all starts with that one element and blossoms from there into an idea realized. He favors filming people, using unique composition and light, and storytelling. However, he loves new opportunities. He has shot nearly everything from cockroaches and snake-eating survivalists (Healthy Pets, Healthy People) to open-heart surgery.

On a final note, we can’t say enough about the cheese biscuits. They’re divine. If Garye ever wants to take up his second calling as master chef, the world would be his for the taking.

Professional Summary:

Garye learned his craft on the job, literally. He became an assistant cameraman overnight for former President Jimmy Carter’s election eve show, working with 29 pieces of gear in 10 cities in eight days. He subsequently apprenticed as a cameraman for almost four years before joining Videofonics, which later was acquired by Trailblazer Studios.

His flexibility, the ease with which he can adapt to any work situation, and the fact that he truly loves what he does for a living make Garye the perfect fit for any project. He currently works on the production of Salvage Dawgs as second camera operator and any other client needing hands-on expertise and a refreshingly genuine personality. His main area of expertise is shooting whether it be 35mm, 16mm, or any of the latest flavors of digital video.

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