Jason BeasleyDirector of Editorial

    Believe it or not, Jason and Pablo Picasso have a lot in common. They both march to the beat of a similar drum. As Picasso said, “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” That’s how Jason views his art form as an editor at Trailblazer.

    It’s not uncommon to hear Jason talking to the screen when he’s editing a show. Story is everything, and he looks at every second of footage with a view of how it pertains to the story. He loves taking an idea and raw footage and molding the two together. In this way, Jason acts as translator for the producer – making their vision a reality.

    Outside of story crafting, you can find Jason war crafting. He plays video games … lots and lots of video games. Really, we’re talking excessive levels of videos games.

    Professional Summary:

    Starting out in the fast-paced, sink-or-swim world of news in the small town of Winston Salem, NC, Jason soon left for the big city of Chicago with no job in sight. He pounded the pavement until Towers Productions took a chance with him. It was there Jason cut his teeth on some challenging shows: Inside 9/11 (NAT GEO), American Vesuvius (HISTORY), Inside Hurricane Katrina (NAT GEO), and Inside Sadam’s Reign of Terror (NAT GEO). Eventually, he got a little homesick, returning to North Carolina where sweet tea flows like rivers, and fried food is on every table.

    In 2007, Jason joined Trailblazer Studios where he began editing some of the most-viewed reality TV shows in the business: Jon and Kate plus 819 Kids and Counting, and Salvage Dawgs. In 2013, Jason left Trailblazers in search of new stories to tell. As a preditor for Epic Games, he traveled the globe interviewing some of the most creative game developers of our time and creating mini-documentaries of their gaming successes before returning  to the Trailblazer family in 2016.

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