Jeff LanterPresident

    If it were up to Jeff, his bio would read, “worked on lots of stuff with people you may have heard of.” Despite his attempt at modesty, in actuality Jeff’s rap sheet is quite impressive, and he knows it. He has a gift for figuring out the best way to tell a story, and each one is unique. He enjoys working with all of our talented people who like to push the boundaries.

    Professional Summary:

    As President of Trailblazer Studios, Jeff oversees the daily operations of our four divisions: Entertainment, Production, Post, and Sound. Since joining the company in 2003, Jeff has helped develop relationships with networks and launch the move into original programming. Prior to his current role, Jeff headed up our Production team and before that, our Development team.

    In another life, Jeff worked as a freelancer in the spot world, producing commercials for nation brands including Land’s End, State Farm, and Honda. He also spent time producing for The CBS Morning Show and PBS.


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