Katie GerdonAssociate Colorist

Wise people never stop learning. And luckily for Trailblazer, we have one wise editor on board. Katie, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, is thrilled by the prospect of learning something new each day from either the project at hand or the Trailblazer crew, who she thinks is really amazing. (We’re blushing.) Her enthusiasm elevates the overall work on the post side.

If she were to be granted one wish, you better believe she would be working behind-the-scenes on the Game of Thrones series as an editor or colorist. Honestly, she’d be happy to just be involved with any part of it. For any other project, she looks forward to helping one (or both) of the renowned filmmakers Quentin Tarantino or Christopher Nolan achieve their visual style of storytelling.

In her spare time, she does something that most people don’t know. It’s not a secret or anything, but she’s a DJ. If you ask her to turn up the volume, she definitely will.

Professional Summary:

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Katie graduated in communications with a concentration in media production. While there, she served as a photographer and graphic designer for UNC Campus Recreation, which also inspired her to start freelancing. As a photographer and graphic designer on the side, she created numerous video projects and animations.

Making a jump to the West Coast, Katie continued to make her mark in the real world after moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2014. She began working as a QC Operator for Netflix at MyEyeMedia in Burbank, CA and edited small video projects for a few clients.

Returning to the Triangle, Katie joined Trailblazer in 2015.

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