Kevin ShattuckSystems Administrator

Kevin wants to create impact and inspire positive change through his work. He looks forward to using his technical skills on any type of show or feature that will serve a catalyst to drive social progress and enhance the lives of many people. You can call that his dream project.

When he’s not working on jobs for clients or networks, he’s making everyone’s life in post production easier. Recently, Kevin built a large customized storage unit, holding over 200 hard drives, that now serves media to all the edit bays in our office. These types of contributions help shape the camaraderie and positive company culture here at Trailblazer, which Kevin has pointed out is his favorite thing about his job. So really, Kevin’s passion for positive change has already come full circle.

Professional Summary:

A graduate of Elon University, Kevin received his B.A. degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies. He went on to join the Trailblazer team in 2007. Currently, Kevin serves as assistant editor in post production, where he helps with technical infrastructure design and engineering, post-production workflow design, media asset management, and Linux systems administration and programming.

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