Michel Marrano Holbrook, CASSenior Sound Mixer

If you see Michel twirling her hair, that means she’s intently thinking, so be ready. She’s about to have a “Eureka” moment! Using audio, she brilliantly tells stories through the use of music, sound effects and pristine dialog.

At Trailblazer, she’s definitely spent time swirling her hair on the DIY series Salvage Dawgs. As her proudest project to date, Michel loves this series for two reasons. One, she enjoys dedicating time to an entertaining and educational show that has a “good heart.” And two, she’s been more involved in the sound design process – from recording some of the production audio all the way to final mix – than any other job.

Keeping things interesting, Michel is an eternal learner. Whether it’s the films or shows she spends time mixing, she’s always exposed to a slew of different, interesting topics – from architectural salvage to gourmet cooking. She can’t help but learn a thing or two along the way.

Professional Summary:

If Michel started singing “The Sound of Music,” it wouldn’t be because she’s going to Broadway. It would simply be due to the fact that she literally made the (Tar)heels come alive with the sound of music (and her other amazing sound design skills). Prior to joining Trailblazer in 2009, Michel served as the resident sound designer for Playmakers Repertory Company in Chapel Hill for three years. While at Playmakers, she worked as an instructor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, teaching “Introduction to Sound Design” classes. Marrano has also held positions in sound design and audio supervision at East Carolina University’s Loessin Theatre, Triad Stage in Greensboro and Vermont’s Weston Playhouse Theatre.

These days, you can spot Michel in the Trailblazer studio mixing multiple long-form television series, mixing and sound designing documentary films, engineering client sessions and managing production audio.

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