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In an industry that’s constantly changing, Scott’s “eternally-a-student” attitude has enabled him to stay on his toes and always at his best. With hawk-eye focus, his eyes never leave the monitor, and he’s always attentively listening and crafting new, creative ways to tell stories and engage viewers.

This acuity and awareness has pushed our projects to the highest levels possible. Some of Scott’s favorites include the finish and color work for the ESPN SEC Network spots for McKinney as well as work on Mizuno’s “What if everybody ran” campaign; the high-speed, slow-motion shots for the Carolina Hurricanes Phantom spots; and work on the CBS Sports game day packages for NFL 2014 and 2015.

One day, he’d like to use his man-behind-the-curtain skills for a hit TV show like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead.

When he’s not running the world of post-production at Trailblazer, Scott is looking for every opportunity to show off his deadly zombie-killing skills. You’ll want him on your side in the event of an emergency … He also does fun stuff like snowboarding, ice hockey and baseball.

Professional Summary:

Over the past 18 years, Scott has become the master of his domain in post production. His unparalleled experience in offline and online editorial, color grading, compositing, on-set supervision and VFX for broadcast TV, commercials and the web make him invaluable to the Trailblazer team. Working with ad agencies to documentary producers, he uses Jedi mind tricks to tell clients what they want before they even realize it, and he’ll post four versions before lunch.

As VP of Post, Scott oversees day-to-day operations of the Post division to maximize customer satisfaction, quality, image and profitability. His ability to manage effective communication and workflow among editors and artists fosters a relaxed, professional working environment.

Scott has worked on commercials, promos and web videos for a continuously expanding list of clients, including DIRECTV, Nickelodeon, MTV, Florida Marlins, Young & Rubicam, Disney Channel, NHL-Carolina Hurricanes, WakeMed, University of North Carolina, Georgia-Pacific, Travelocity, Piedmont Natural Gas, Fool Lion, Nationwide, Quest, Coldwell Banker, Lenovo, and Sony to name a few.

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